RGB and Geophysical High-end Mapping Services Done by UAV Experts

Surveying and Mapping made easy!

           We Offer the following Aerial Services;

  • Low-altitude UAV geophysical magnetic prospecting and Geophysical data processing and modelling.
  • RGB Mapping(Landscape Height Maps, Enhanced Visibility Land Features, Accurate measuments i.e Volume and Area). 
  • Thermal and Infrared Imaging.
  • Creative Aerial Content(3D Environment Models, Aerial Photography and Videography).
  • Aerial Inspection And Analysis
  • Drone Repurposing and Repair Services, 
  • Specialiased Drone Training
  • Drone Data Processing as a Service.
A collective of passionate drone and data experts striving to deliver delightful products

Zambian Incorporated aerial service provider Zanifi uses specialized technologies for geophysical and imaging surveys. Zanifi produces a wide range of data for the mining, construction, engineering, agricultural, conservation, and research industries using drones and cutting-edge sensors. Our Company is supported by local government agencies. Our rapid growth is attributed to leveraging international partnerships that pioneer drone technologies and new methods for drone surveys as well as developing capacity to build systems that support our business.